Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association

The NARA collaboration contract

Version 4, 12th of December 2007

  • The name of the association is Nordic Arthroplasty Register Association (NARA).
  • The members are the national Nordic registers which register arthroplasty and hemiarthroplasty. The aim of the association is to be a place to work for improved quality of arthroplasty surgery in the way of:
    • A yearly Nordic register meeting
    • An academic seminar at every Nordic Orthopaedic Association meeting every other year
    • Promote joint Nordic research where it will be of common interest and higher the quality
    • Cooperate on method developing in research and quality work in register studies
  • Coordinate a joint Nordic standpoint towards other international register associations.
  • The steering committee of the association should consist of two representatives from each member country (two voting member from each country and two deputies). The members are elected for two years at the time. There is no limit in the number of times a representative can be elected to the steering committee. The representatives have to be approved of by the mother association of the national register. The meetings in the association should not be restricted to only the members of the steering committee.
  • An executive committee of 3 members (Chairman, secretary and member atlarge) should be elected at a steering committee meeting every 2nd year.The work task of the executive committee shall be to prepare technical details around upcoming meetings.
  • The meeting expenses are covered by the host register. The travel expenses to meetings are covered by the separate national registers.